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David Korsunsky, Attorney

Certified Family Law Specialist*

David Korsunsky is a family law attorney based in San Francisco who specializes in family law matters such as spousal support and child support.

When you are going through a divorce, the most precious things in your life are at stake: your children, your house, your life savings. This is a difficult and emotional time. You need to make sure your attorney will pursue your best interests.

There is no such thing as a “typical divorce”. At the Law Offices of David Korsunsky, we will listen to you, and help you decide what’s right.

*Certified by the California State Bar

Practice Areas


Prenuptial Agreements, Post-Nuptial Agreements, Marital Agreements, Co-habitation Agreements…


Mediation is often the best way for a divorcing couple to achieve the best and fairest possible outcome in caring for their children and dividing their assets…

Divorce and Domestic Partnership Dissolution

Sometimes despite their best efforts, parties are unable to agree. Often, this is due to one of the parties being stubborn or unrealistic…

Child Custody

Child custody proceedings outside the context of a divorce usually occur in one of two settings: 1) disputes by unmarried couples; and 2) post-judgment disputes by already divorced people…

Child Support

Child support in California is determined by a computer formula, with limited judicial discretion…

Spousal Support

Spousal support comes up in three main settings: 1) temporary orders (pre-judgment); 2) judgment support (also confusingly known as “permanent support”); 3) post-judgment modifications…

From our clients

“Amazing lawyer with fantastic response time, great patience and very knowledgable. He gladly joined an international team of lawyers that my wife and I had hired and helped us catch up on loss time that we wasted on a state recommended lawyer.”

Sean P.

“David is extremely professional, attentive, caring, honest. What I most appreciated about him is the fact that he was always punctual and he was easy to get a hold of by phone and email. ”

Jo Q.

“David is an excellent attorney. I was referred to David while I was involved in a dual state, family-feud. David knew the law and the court system well. He was confident in his approach despite the complexities of the case and collaborated very effectively with my attorney in the other state.”

Dominique L.

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