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“David is a true professional in every respect unlike any other lawyer I have dealt with. He is smart, extremely knowledgable, articulate, strategic, practical, thoughtful, honest and a great communicator. Unlike most attorneys, who charge and bill in minimum15 minute increments, David is not going to nickel and dime and charge you for every conversation, text, email or question. David sees the big picture, he is resourceful and knows how to navigate and cut through legal red tape to resolve matters quickly and effectively.”

J H.Palo Alto, CA

“I was referred to David by another attorney. My divorce case was somewhat complicated with an international component to add to the difficulty, but David walked me through the whole process from start to finish and I knew there and then that I was in good hands. He is knowledgeable, patient and very thorough. My case was handled quickly and he kept me abreast of any progress along the way, giving me piece of mind.”

Elecito C.San Francisco, CA

“Mr. Korsunsky was a delight to do business with. We feel lucky to have found him and appreciate his services. He was very prompt with returning messages, he explained our entire process in detail including the fees and delivered what he promised in a very timely manner.”

Laarni G.San Francisco, CA

“David is the consummate professional and abnormally effective at what he does. In addition, he is easy to talk to and puts you at ease during a difficult time. Immediately after I hired him he got control of a nightmare situation and drove tirelessly to a good outcome for me. Cannot recommend highly enough.”

Zac S.Berkeley, CA

“David Korsunsky handled my case very well and made me win my case. He takes timely actions, carries out the required legal procedures timely. His rates are also reasonable. Once I gave him my case, I was peaceful as he took care of it entirely. He makes you sale through the case smoothly. I really appreciate his support, and am very thankful to him for winning my case which was a tough one.”

S N.Redwood City, CA

“David is a very well prepared and knowledgeable attorney. Love his demeanor and tact when dealing with difficult cases and would definitely use him again if I needed to. Best lawyer I've come across by a long shot.”

Troy R.El Dorado Hills, CA

“Amazing lawyer with fantastic response time, great patience and very knowledgable. I had a situation where I needed representation on a pernup that would work between Indonesia and America. He gladly joined an international team of lawyers that my wife and I had hired and helped us catch up on loss time that we wasted on a state recommended lawyer. He is a diamond. I can't say enough about how thankful I was to find him. You can't go wrong with him.”

Sean P.Davis, CA

“Going through the court system can be very scary. My case was particularly contentious and I am so grateful to have had David representing me.

David is extremely professional, attentive, caring, honest. What I most appreciated about him is the fact that he was always punctual and he was easy to get a hold of by phone and email.

We won the case. I will definitely be calling David again for any future cases and will recommend him to anyone looking for legal aid. He will fight for you and give you the best chance of winning your case.”

Jo Q.Irvine, CA

“David is an excellent attorney. I was referred to David while I was involved in a dual state, family-feud. David knew the law and the court system well. He was confident in his approach despite the complexities of the case and collaborated very effectively with my attorney in the other state. I can sleep well tonight because I made the right choice by retaining David. He fought for my rights as a Father and I will always be grateful for the sage advice and wisdom that David brought to the table. David was relentless in his pursuit of justice for my children and I and even called me at 6AM in the morning and on the weekend to ensure that there was clarity and action every step of the way! I can not express enough gratitude for all David has done for me and keeping my children and family together.”

Dominique L.Pompano Beach, FL

“I am so glad that David was referred to me by my friend. He is a great lawyer. He helped me through a very difficult divorce and challenging time. He is very kind and compassionate person He is professional,patient and truly seemed to care about my situation. When ever I had a question he responded right away and kept me informed on any legal process. It meant a lot to me. Thanks!!!”

Sandra S.San Francisco, CA

“To go through court it is very nervous way. David helped us to avoid it.
He was very accurate with our wishes, gave us right advices, helped us find compromises and finally created necessary documents. He is real professional.
I recommend him as a professional lawyer.”

Ilia Z.San Francisco, CA

“David is a professional and a down to earth guy, the best combination in my opinion. He is very knowledgeable, answered all of the questions that I had, and he took care of our case very cleanly. The world would be better if more lawyers were like David.”

Roy L.San Francisco, CA

“David is a fantastic attorney. Dogged, shrewd and highly intelligent, David gets better results for a far better price than most attorneys I've encountered. I am an attorney myself, and I've worked closely with David over the past year; I have seen firsthand how passionately and effectively he fights for each and every client. I have seen him win complex family law trials, turn the tables on debt collectors, and find clever ways to keep tenants in their homes or get them a great settlement.

I can honestly say that whenever I have legal questions or problems of my own, I turn to David. I am always amazed by his deep insight into the law and the workings of our justice system. More importantly, David has great integrity and always gives his clients' best interests the highest priority. Anyone would be lucky to have David by their side in the courtroom!”

Aaron P.San Francisco, CA

“I met David today for the first time. He projected honesty, sincerity, and trust. I don't usually see these traits in lawyers.
David, thank you!!!”

M S.South San Francisco, CA

“Attorney David Korsunsky is truly a sympathetic, fair and reliable professional. How do I know this? He uses my company for his process services. He has told me in the past "I need you to serve...and he is a good and nice guy". Do you know how unusual it is to hear a family law attorney say something positive about the opposing party? This doesn't mean he is soft or a push over it means he truly cares about the clients he represents and trying to get a positive outcome without being contentious. Kudos to him.”

Joann H.Daly City, CA

“Divorced with minimal impact - checked!

I didn't have any $$ to hire a full-time lawyer for my divorce case.
But as my case pulled further and further, it became hard to handle it myself without a legal advise.

Someone advised me David as a great and knowledgeable family law attorney,
so I went to SF to meet him. The impression of him - he is very nice man, honest (I know it's not about lawyers, this is an exception), not pushing, not threatening you with "you will never be able to handle this yourself" BS and his rates were reasonable.

David has become my consultant on the "do-it-yourself" basis.

Whenever I had questions I emailed him and got all my questions answered in a timely matter and what's most importantly - clear to understand people's language.

He is very responsive! I don't ever want to be divorced again, but never say never - I'll use David's services again. Wouldn't be able to do it without him. Thanks a lot David!”

Alex P.Salem, MA

“My divorce is finally near being finalized and I cannot say enough good things about my experience working with David -- His professionalism, quick response time, patience and understanding really go a long way during such a difficult process. I was in desperate need of legal counsel and David went above and beyond with my case; advocating for me and my best interests throughout the entire ordeal. He even worked with me to budget what was affordable before I could get my attorney fees and costs covered by ex. David's temperament really made it easy for me to trust during a very confusing time. I highly recommend him and his attorney services!”

Nicole B.Watertown, MA

“David Korsunsky is professional, honest, shrewd, determined, and knowledgable. He gets results. Well worth the money!”

Daniel N.Redwood City, CA

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