Cost-Conscious Representation

Sometimes, people have neither the desire nor the resources for a no holds barred, drag-out battle which would result in a depletion of their limited estate. Fortunately, several options are available:

1) Limited Scope Representation is a form of representation where an attorney helps you on a set of specific issues. For instance, you might need an attorney only on the issue of custody, or solely to represent you at a specific hearing. By limiting the scope of representation, you can often save a considerable amount of money.

2) Consulting Attorney Work is where an attorney acts as your advisor and guide without representing you in court or filing papers on your behalf. In this capacity, your attorney acts as your guide through the legal process, and is available to advise you at any time regarding which steps are suggested and whether or not you are being offered a fair deal.

3) Drafting Attorney Work is where you already have an agreement with the other party and you simply want an attorney to draft a legally binding contract that reflects the terms.

4) Litigating on a Budget can be done in many cases. Not every case requires extensive discovery, trial, or employment of expensive experts. It’s important to have an honest conversation with your attorney in the beginning of a case regarding your expectations and your budget. Beware of an attorney who suggests a “scorched earth” approach without ascertaining whether or not you have both the desire and the resources for it. You can easily burn through all your money in short order without achieving much if anything.

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